How Much cost Safari in Tanzania? Highlights

The cost of a safari in Tanzania can vary depending on several factors, including the duration of the safari, the type of accommodation, the number of participants, the specific national parks or reserves visited, and the level of service provided. A safari in Tanzania offers the opportunity to explore the diverse wildlife, stunning landscapes, and rich cultural heritage of the country. Tanzania is home to some of Africa’s most famous national parks and game reserves, providing excellent opportunities for wildlife viewing and experiencing the natural wonders of the region. Let’s Look the Cost of Safari in Tanzania for Different Accommodations style.

Budget Safari: A budget safari usually involves basic accommodations such as camping or staying in budget lodges. The cost for a budget safari typically starts around $200 to $250 per person per day.

Mid-range Safari:  A mid-range safari includes more comfortable accommodations in mid-range lodges or tented camps. The cost for a mid-range safari typically ranges from $350 to $400 per person per day.

Luxury Safari: A luxury safari offers high-end accommodations in luxury lodges or tented camps, often with added amenities and services. The cost for a luxury safari can start from $500 per person per day and can go up to several thousand dollars per day, depending on the level of luxury and exclusivity.

Some additional factors that can affect the cost of a safari it includes the time of year (peak season or low season), the number of people in the group (larger groups will receive discounts), and any additional activities or services included in the safari package (e.g., hot air balloon rides, cultural visits, private guides).

In addition to the daily cost, you should also consider the cost of transportation to and from the safari destination, such as flights or ground transfers, as well as park entrance fees, which can vary depending on the specific national parks or reserves visited.

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